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Tuck Pointing & Brick Repointing in Carlisle MA.

Grinding and tuckpointing your building in Carlisle MA gives you many benefits, including making the structure water tight, safe and even improves the look of the building. There are many different colors the joints may be. The colors range from, white to gray and yellow to red, and everything in between. We can always give you our recommendation as to what color to chose, but the final decision is always the clients. This is why prior to tuckpointing we always recommend to have the joints ground out to a certain depth, usually 3/4″ deep. During the grinding of the joints a lot of dust is produced, but not to worry, we always use special vacuums connected to our grinders that collect almost all the dust in order to prevent as much of a nuisance for you and your neighbors as possible.

Tuckpointing Carlisle MA

Brick can last for centuries. This is just one of the reasons this building material is so beloved. But its natural durability doesn’t mean that brick doesn’t need some upkeep along the way to keep it performing well. After all, age isn’t the only thing working against brick. Fire, water, improper construction, and poor maintenance can also be to blame for deteriorating brick and mortar.

Repointing will fix the problem. This is the process of removing old mortar so we may replace it with new mortar. Do you have a brick chimney? Chimneys may need repointing too. Given its role in removing carbon monoxide from your home when you use your fireplace, it’s absolutely vital for this job to be done correctly. Our work with mortar often falls under the category of “tuckpointing,” which is essentially the practice of making brick and mortar look great.

Repointing or Tuck pointing Solutions in Carlisle MA

In Carlisle Massachusetts, masonry is found on nearly all homes and buildings to some extent. Masonry is often thought of as permanent and ever lasting, but over time will be subject to deterioration especially at the mortar joints. The method of repairing worn or damaged mortar joints is called repointing, and often referred to as tuck pointing.

This is done by grinding out the mortar joints with a grinder or chiseling them out with a hammer and chisel. The mortar joints are then filled with the appropriate mortar. Repointing brickwork is a job that needs skill in order to be performed correctly or it will not look very appealing. At Rod’s Masonry of Carlisle, we use specialty grinders that maintain a 95% dust free cutting of the mortar joints.

Our Carlisle Massachusetts Re-Pointing Services:

  • Chimney Tuckpointing CarlisleMA
  • Tuck Pointing Carlisle MA
  • Repointing Masonry Carlisle MA
  • Lime Mortar Carlisle MA
  • Chimney Repointing Carlisle MA
  • Repointing Bricks Carlisle MA
  • Brick Repair
  • Brickwork Pointing Carlisle MA
  • Mortar Repair Carlisle MA
  • Masonry Restoration
  • Repointing Mortar Carlisle MA
  • Chimney Masonry Repair

Why Choose Rod’s Masonry For Your Tuck Pointing Project?

When you choose Rod’s Masonry of Carlisle to complete the repointing on your brickwork, fireplace or chimney you are partnering with a professional master mason with more than 8 years of experience.

From the friendliness of our masons to the cleanliness of our workspace through to the final reveal of your beautiful re-pointed brickwork you’ll be completely satisfied with every step of the process.

Stone and Brick Tuckpointing Services in Carlisle MA

When you contract with Rod’s Masonry, you can deal with professionals who understand the differences between the high quality bricks and know a way to get the most out of your brick wall. Tuckpointing is just one of the many tools that we have in our arsenal. From brick restoration, where the choice of a brick with the right combination of shale and clay is important, to the shape and color you desire, the professionals at Rod’s Masonry will be more than happy to take on your construction project in Carlisle MA. Our masons are skilled in a procedure that will not only make your building look better, but it will increase the look and the safety of your investment. That is one of the advantages you have when you deal with a company with the reputation and the experience of Rod’s Masonry. Need Tuckpointing…, Schedule your appointment today by contact form page!

If your brickwork is pitted and cracked, don’t delay.

Call (508) 782-2159 for a free estimate on your brickwork repair today.


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